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Easy Hi-Q Converter


Controls on the main interface

Hover your cursor over most items to see pop-up ToolTip descriptions, (if Show ToolTips is selected in Options).

Menu Items

Exit, closes the program

Sets the list view mode for the file Explorer, select:
Large Icons, List, Details

ID3 Tags:
MPEG ID3 Tag Editor, opens the editor

Converter Options, opens the form for output format selection, quality settings and other options

Help Topics, opens the Help file
About, shows version information, etc.

Buy - Register:
Buy Now online takes you directly to our secure purchase page
Enter registration information opens the Registration form which also has a buy link

Folder and File Explorer

locate files to convert or play, navigate on the left side of the Explorer and click on a folder to select it.

files to convert on the right side of the Explorer. Select a single file by clicking on it. To select multiple files you can use either Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click.

Show: Allowed Input, will show only the 18 appropriate file types that can be converted. Selecting Show: All Files, will show all file types, which will allow you to select additional file types that can be played.

In the right side file list, you can
right click on files for standard Windows Explorer type pop-up context menus, such as Open, Delete, etc.

Note: If file
extensions are not shown on the right side of the built-in Explorer and you would like to see the extensions, you need to change the View setting in Windows Explorer. To change the view, open Windows Explorer. Click Tools, Folder Options, and then the View tab. Look for: Hide file extensions for known file types, then remove the check-mark, click Apply, OK.

Conversion List

The Conversion List will only accept and add the 18 appropriate input file types. If you select and attempt to add the
wrong file type, it will not show up in the list.

Adding files to the Conversion List

For speed and convenience, you can add
any mix of file types to the list. And, any of the input types can be converted to any of the output formats.

The input files can be added from
any number of locations. They don't all have to come from the same location.

There are
several easy ways to add files to the list:

With all of the following
multiple selection methods you can add any number of files to the list instantly.

Navigate to your desired
location and click on it to select it.

Clicking the Add Folder button will add all appropriate file types from that location to the list.

Clicking the Add Selected button will add all selected appropriate file types from that location to the list.

Clicking the Add All button will add all appropriate file types from that location to the list. (Performs the same function as Add Folder).

You can also use
Drag and Drop to add files to the list. Single or multi-select files in the built-in Explorer and then Drag and Drop them onto the Conversion List. You can also single or multi-select files in Windows Explorer and Drag and Drop them onto the Conversion List.

Remove Selected will remove any selected file from the list. Clear List removes all files.

Show Path option when selected, will show the complete path to each file in addition to the filename. When Show Path is not selected, only the filenames will show. When not selected, you can hover over any filename to see the complete path and filename, if Show ToolTips is selected.

Convert button

Clicking the
Convert button starts the conversion process. Each file in the Conversion List will be converted to all of the formats you have selected. After a file has been converted to all of the selected formats, the next file in the list will be processed the same way. This process repeats until all files have been converted or until Cancel is clicked.

Cancel button

Clicking the
Cancel button stops all conversions. Any fully or partially completed files will already have been saved.

Options button

Clicking the
Options button opens the Options form for output format selection, quality settings and other options.

Buy now button

Clicking the
Buy now button opens the Registration form, where you enter your information after a purchase. It also has a secure page buy link.

Convert each file to: list

This list shows all of the
output formats that you have selected. It shows the type and also any related quality, bitrate, frequency and channel information. An indicator moves down the list to show the current format that a file is being converted to.

There is also an indicator that shows which number file is being converted and the total number of files in the list.

Playing files

play any of the 21 allowed file types, click on a file in the upper right file list to select it. Then click the Play button.

Clicking the
Pause button, pauses the audio. Clicking it a second time will resume it from that point. There is also a Stop button.

Moving the seek
slider will move to any point in the file.

The time indicators show current position and total length.

Output to: label

Shows where all of your converted files will be saved.