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File Naming, Output Location

File Naming

Filename protection is automatic. If a filename already exists, a number will be added to the output filename. It makes each filename
unique so that none of your existing files will ever be over-written.

Output Location, Output converted files to:

Click Options. You can select Same as Input Locations, which will output each converted file to the same location where the input file is located. Or you can select Specify Location. Click the Select button which opens the Browse for Folder dialog. Select a location then click OK. That will output all of your converted files to that one location.

When using
Specify Location, by default, the output location for your conversions is set to: your Windows drive, usually "C:\", + "My Conversions\". If you use the default location, the folder will be automatically created when you start your first conversion. Or, you can choose any other output location by clicking the Select button.

Note: Never use a CD as an output location. Outputting to a CD requires separate CD burning software, which is a process you would perform after you've completed your conversions.