MP3 Bitrate

MP3 Bitrate Converter:

To change MP3 bitrate, there are 3 programs available; Precision CD WAV MP3 Converter, Easy Hi-Q Converter or you can record any song or sound and convert the MP3 bitrate with Easy Hi-Q Recorder. All 3 programs can be used as an MP3 bitrate changer.

MP3 bitrates are the most important factor in determining MP3 encoding, (compression), quality, final file size, encoding speed and MP3 player compatibility.

(Precision CD WAV MP3 Converter)
The full bitrate range for
CBR, VBR and ABR is 8 kbps to 320 kbps, depending on the mode you select.

There is a mode called
FreeFormat available only in "Expert" command line mode that allows you to specify any integer, (whole number), bitrate value from 8 to 640 kbps. This mode is not compatible with very many MP3 players even if you choose 320 kbps or less.

caution when selecting the bitrate 144 in any mode. This rate is only compatible with lower quality input files that would result in the creation of MPEG 2.0 or MPEG 2.5 files. (High quality files that most people are familiar with are MPEG 1.0, layer 3 files, (MP3)).
To encode a
high quality file at 144, (in Manual or Expert modes only), select an output frequency of 24000 or less.