Convert to OGG (Encode, compress)

Ogg Vorbis format

OGG quality range: 0.0 to 10.0 equates to bitrates of approximately 70 kbps to 450 kbps

You can
directly convert WAV, MP3, OGG to OGG

You can
indirectly convert WMA to OGG (via WMA to WAV to OGG)

(Re-encoding or trans-coding which is OGG to OGG or MP3 to OGG can result in a reduction of quality.
You are re-compressing an already compressed lossy format file. If you have a preference for quality
over convenience, decode the OGG or MP3 to WAV first, then encode the WAV to OGG).

Click the

Make sure an output location has been selected for your converted files by clicking
Select Location.

The OGG Encoder can only convert
stereo input files. Mono input files will cause an error but conversions will continue.

WAV, MP3 and OGG files that you want to convert to the Conversion List.

Move the slider to the desired quality, approximate bitrate that you'd like to use.

Click the
Encode to OGG button to start the conversions.