Convert to WAV (Decode, expand)

Convert MP3, WMA, OGG to WAV

Click the

(You may also click the
WAV, OGG to MP3 tab and select the Expert mode for decoding, (expanding), MP3 to WAV).

Make sure an output location has been selected for your converted files by clicking
Select Location.

Click the
MP3 & OGG button or the WMA button to select the types to decode to WAV.
MP3 and OGG files can be mixed in the Conversion List and decoded together.
WMA files must be decoded separately.

Add appropriate file types to the Conversion List.

Click the
Decode to WAV button to start the conversions.

MP3 and OGG you can also select the options for No wav header to output the files as Raw PCM
and Swap bytes if you have trouble with the Raw PCM format.
Those options have no effect on WMA files.