Convert to WMA (Encode, compress)

You can
directly convert WAV to the Windows Media Audio format, versions 8 and 9

You can
indirectly convert MP3 and OGG to WMA (via (MP3, OGG) to WAV to WMA)

WMA 9 bitrate range: 5 to 320 kbps
WMA 8 bitrate range: 5 to 192 kbps

The Precision installer installs Windows Media Audio 9 Codecs. The codecs would only have installed if you have
Windows Media Player 7 or higher installed. If encoding to the WMA 9 format does not work properly, the best
way to get it working is to download and install the Windows Media Player 9 from
It provides the necessary Player upgrade and the 9 series codecs.
WM Player 9 is only available for Windows 98 Second Edition, ME, NT, 2000 and XP. Therefore, Windows
95 and 98 First Edition users may only be able to encode to the WMA 8 format.

Click the

Make sure an output location has been selected for your converted files by clicking
Select Location.

Click the
8 button or the 9 button to select the type you want to encode to.

WAV files that you want to convert to the Conversion List.

Move the slider to the desired bitrate that you'd like to use.

Click the
Encode to WMA button to start the conversions.