MP3 Expert Mode

There are hundreds of possible combinations of command line entries for the LAME Encoder. This is just a basic description of how to use this mode.

See the included
LAME documentation for examples and explanations of command line switches, (commands) or visit for more information and links to other sites with more details.

Commands may be entered in
any order. Spaces between commands are mandatory. Many commands require additional entries such as a number for a frequency, bitrate etc. You may click Encode-Decode with a blank command line to use all LAME default values for CBR, which would be 128 kbps or less, everything else automatic.

-b + (bitrate), i.e.: -b 128, -b 256, etc. when used alone specifies the bitrate for CBR encoding.
-b + (bitrate) when used in VBR or ABR mode, specifies the minimum bitrate.
-B + (bitrate), i.e.: -B 224 is used to specify a maximum bitrate for VBR or ABR modes.


-b 160
is 160 kbps CBR encoding.

-b 160 --resample 32000
is 160 kbps CBR, output frequency of 32000 Hz rather than the standard higher quality 44100 Hz.

is VBR encoding with all default values.

--vbr-new -b 128
is VBR encoding with a minimum bitrate of 128 kbps specified.

--vbr-new -b 128 -B 256
is VBR encoding with a minimum bitrate of 128 kbps and maximum bitrate of 256 kbps.

--abr 177
is ABR encoding with a targeted average bitrate of 177 kbps specified.
ABR rates can be any integer from 8 to 320)
CBR and VBR can only use specific rates, see the "Easy Entry List").

There are many other switches, (commands) that could be added.

This example is for the popular preset named --r3mix.
You could just enter
--r3mix or enter these commands:

--nspsytune --vbr-mtrh -V 1 -m j -h -b 96 --lowpass 19.5 --athtype 3 --ns-sfb21 2 -Z --scale 0.98 -X 0

decoding MP3's to WAV's use the command:
(There are also additional commands available for decoding).

See the included
LAME documentation for more information.