Record to WAV

To record records, tapes, radio, microphone, streaming audio, any type of input to your sound card as a WAV file...

Click the
"Record" tab.

"Loopback" to record any sound) or

Connect the device to be recorded from to the proper input jack of your sound card on the back of your computer.
You will need appropriate
patch cords to connect your device, generally a double RCA to 1/8" stereo male plug or an 1/8" stereo male to 1/8" stereo male plug.
(Available at any electronics store).

"Line In" for most devices, "Mic" for microphone.

records, the turntable needs to be plugged into a receiver then the receivers low level line out should be plugged into your sound card. Never connect high level output, (speaker outputs), to your sound card.

For radio from a receiver also use
low level line out to connect to your sound card.

Tape decks, VCR's, camcorders, DVD players and component CD players can generally plug in directly.

Portable radios, tape and CD players can be used if they have a
line out jack.

"Set Recording Quality" to select the quality/file size combination that you want.

"Select Input - Set Volume" to choose the input source jack that you plugged into and set the recording volume level. Make some test recordings to check the volume level. You may adjust the volume level at anytime.

* Select "Loopback" to record any sound, streaming audio, etc.

Select the recording length. Choose
"Specify time" if you would like manually to enter an exact length.

"Start - Enable Record".

"Record" to start recording.

"Stop" at anytime whether the recording is timed or not.

"Play" to preview your recording.

Click "
Save Recording" to save it or click "Start - Enable Record" to delete it and start another one.