Trial Period

The trial period is for 30-days or 100 conversions, whichever comes first.
This program is
fully functional during the trial period.
When the trial period expires, the programs main functions lock.
You may purchase a registration to permanently unlock this program at anytime during or after the trial.
Free future upgrades for registered users included!

Conversion count information:

Each CD track extracted or conversion started count towards the total. If you cancel a list of extractions/conversions
at any time, the incompleted ones will not count against the total.

Recorded waves only count when you save them. You can make as many test recordings as you like, those won't count towards the total.

MP3 ID3 tagging is

(Windows 95, 98, ME users only) Extracting CD tracks shown as
.WAV files in Windows Explorer is unlimited during the trial.
You may extract thousands if you would like to.