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For assistance, please provide as many details as possible in your email support request.

Please include a valid Subject, (not blank).

For Registration/Purchase/Unlocking issues, include your name, the email address used for the purchase and the name of the program.

For technical issues/problems with the software, please include as much of the following as possible:

(Requests such as "it doesn't work" aren't possible to resolve without important details)

If you're having trouble recording in Windows Vista, please visit our Vista Recording Problem page.

Other Frequently Asked Questions are addressed on our FAQ's page.

We answer email support requests as quickly as possible. Usually within a few hours and in many cases much sooner. We try to answer email on weekends also, but there could be a delay on those days.

Make sure to turn off spam filtering. Our response to you may come from email addresses other than the one that you wrote to.


For assistance, please send an email to:


Thank you!


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